Spa Specials

Spa Specials

Welcome to Blossom tree spa specials!

Lets celebrate Australia Spa specials!

Welcome to summer! And we are in for a spot of good weather… best time to polish up those toes and go for a walk on the sand. Or if you are more of a massage person come in for some serious self care. Now’s the time to float away into the Dreamtime.

Ocean bliss pedi $50
Soothe those soles of yours in a sea salt soak. Try saying that ten times fast!
Cuticle and callous care with my lemon verbena nail oil. Refreshing ocean bliss foot scrub and marvellous foot massage. Finish with da polish and voila!

Into the Dreamtime massage $85
Float into Dreamtime with a flowing ocean wave massage.warm and cool massage stones may be added( they are from Australia!) finish with placement of chakra stones while I give you a facial massage.

Kobido facial $80
This is the facial from last weeks specials. I can’t help keeping it on as I’ve had some very happy participants. I also received new Korean skincare items this week.
Includes all the facial parts as well as kobido facial moves.

I have so many memories of Australia. I took a million photos and some days I would have a budget for film and for food. Usually I ate very simply. I tried to swim or dive in as many places as possible. But did end up living in Sydney for a much longer time. I went to fitness classes with Marcus Irwin and went on hikes to the blue mountains. Got stung by jellyfish, harassed by bugs and and pretty much became one with nature. There’s lots more to say but I’ll save that for another day. Hope you are enjoying this sunshine!

photo is by Kimberlee Newman Tyler, Noosa heads Australia