Jade Stone Massage


Jade stone massage uses the warmth of the stones to penetrate deep into the muscles and fascia for an altogether relaxing and healing experience. Similar to lomi lomi I move the stones up and down the body, working deeper into areas of tension and adjusting to suit the needs of the client. The nervous system relaxes and slows down and the client feels calm and nurtured.


Lomi Lomi Massage


Lomi lomi is a healing massage that is also called loving hands massage. Originating from Polynesia and the Hawaiian islands. In this massage I work gently but deeply into the muscles with continuous flowing strokes that mimic the waves of the ocean. Afterwards you will feel that stress and tension has melted away!

Indian Head Massage


Indian head massage also called champissage, comes from auyurvedic healing. In this treatment you can either be seating or lying down. Generally I have the client remove their shirt and I place a towel around the bust area if the person is female. I massage the upper back, shoulders and neck area, moving on to the scalp and face. I use warm jade stones to relax the muscles as well as manual massage techniques to release stress and bring you a feeling of harmony.


Aromatherapy Massage

60|75|90 MINUTE SESSIONS   $75/$85/$95

Aromatherapy massage combines the healing benefits of the aromatherapy oils with manual massage techniques to create a sense of renewal. At the beginning of the session I will let you choose the oils that you feel most drawn to. Lavender is my most popular one but many others are   available.

Goddess Treatment


Get ready to be pampered! This treatment includes an amazing back massage, followed by a luxurious facial, and ending with a foot massage and warm towels.

Shoulder Ease Massage


An upper back massage which addresses the shoulders, neck, arms, hands and finishes with a scalp and facial massage.

Reflexology Foot Massage 


A massage on the reflex points of the feet. Different points correspond to different areas of the body, and can aid in helping you to relax and recuperate. Begins with a soothing foot soak!


Chakra Journeys

~All treatments begin with a flower petal foot bath~

 Root chakra journey  90 mins~ $95

Calms the body and mind, creating inner peace and balance. It combines a magnesium foot bath, and a slow, relaxing jade stone massage with grounding essential oils, finishing off with a reflexology treatment This treatment focuses on the Root Chakra and will leave you with a deep sense of stillness, feeling ready to take on the world.


Sacral chakra journey  2 hrs~$150

Soothe your sacral chakra with this peaceful journey! Begins with a flower foot bath and mini pedicure and moves on to a Lomi lomi massage. This massage uses fluid and graceful movements up and down the body with the aid of the forearms and hands. (Citrine massage stones may be used as well) With fragrant oils of Jasmine, orange and ylang ylang, or you can choose an unscented oil. Leaves you feeling blissful and at peace!


Solar plexus chakra journey   90 mins~ $95

Begin your journey with a flower petal bath, afterwards enjoy an energizing lemongrass, ginger and honey polish designed to make your skin smooth, radiant and deeply nourished. Finishes with an all over body effleurage with warm oil. 


Heart chakra  journey 90 mins~$95

Anahata is the area where the physical and the spiritual meet. This treatment begins with a rose & sandalwood foot scrub to detoxify and ground the body. A massage with warm rose quartz massage stones, and a loving rose oil massage to open the heart and bring peace and happiness! Finishes with a facial massage with rose quartz stones.


 Throat chakra journey 1hr~$85

Release tension and stress with a magnesium salt foot bath with oils of chamomile and blue cypress. This special neck and shoulder massage incorporates warm chakra stones with cool ones as well as manual massage techniques. Finishing off with a marma point facial massage. You will feel radiant and relaxed!


 Third eye chakra journey  1hr~$75

The third eye chakra relates to our ability to see clearly and to be intuitive. Journey to your higher self with an Indian head massage with fragrant oils of fir, lavender and mint,( other blends are available). The massage starts on the back, neck and shoulders and finishes on the head with a restorative scalp treatment. Healing sodalite and amethyst stones may be used for a feeling of comfort and ease.


Crown chakra journey  2hrs~$130

This chakra shows our connection to the divine and higher consciousness.  It brings us a feeling of spaciousness and spiritual connection. Beginning with a lavender foot soak and scrub, then I envelope you in a lavender dreamtime wrap. Lavender oil is massaged into your skin and you are wrapped up in a cocoon of warm blankets on a heated massage table. Relax while I do a lovely facial. You will feel serene and blissful.